Can exercise help with depression or generally improve my mood?

Depression is a serious mental condition and if you’re sad when you have no reason to be, for an extended period of time, please see a professional.

It is absolutely100%study-backedand researched one of the best things for depression.
The question is usually not “will exercise help my depression” it is usually “will my depression let me exercise today”.

As someone who suffered 2 major episodes in the last 5 years and continue struggling with it, if you can make it out there. Do it.
I’d also look into continuing with medication. People nay say a lot, but when you have a serious chemical imbalance… medication can help get your levels to the point where you can continue to work on your depression through exercise, therapy, diet, hobbies, social events, etc.
Sorry to hear about it man. I know that fog. I F’ing hate that fog. You’re a better person than you probably tell yourself. Your brain is lying to you cause its a dick.

If you are looking for a community to discuss exercise and depression with, /r/eood is what you want.