Guided Tour

Welcome to The Fitness Wiki!

There’s a lot of information to sort through in this Wiki and sometimes, this can be overwhelming. The goal of this Guided Tour page can be summed up with the following question:

If you could only give someone three to five pages to read to help them achieve their goals, what would they be?

Below are a series of the most commonly described goals that people come to r/Fitness for help with, and what we believe to be the best entries in the Wiki to read to learn how to achieve them.

So, dear reader, what best describes your primary goal?

I want to get bigger, more muscular, and/or stronger

I want to lose weight, get leaner, and/or be more toned looking

I want to get better at a specific lift

I have a specific look I want to achieve

I want to add exercise to my life but I’m having trouble getting started