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One of the driving goals of this wiki is to help fitness enthusiasts separate the wheat from the chaff in the firehose of fitness information on the internet. The unfortunate reality of the fitness industry is that the inexperienced-but-vocal, the well-meaning-but-misguided, algorithm manipulators, click baiters, snake-oil salesmen, flimflammers, hucksters, quacks, phonies, mountebanks, frauds, four-flushers, scoundrels, charlatans, and ne’er-do-wells are often louder and more prominent, and definitely more numerous, than the honest and genuine. The purpose of this page is to combat that by highlighting individuals and organizations that offer high quality training information because they are reputable, experienced, and trustworthy, and do so for free, without using it solely as a vehicle to sucker you into sales.

Brad Schoenfeld

Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS, CSPS, FNSCA, is a professor of exercise science at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York, where he serves as the graduate director of the Human Performance and Fitness program. He also currently serves as Sports Nutritionist for the New Jersey Devils hockey organization. Dr. Schoenfeld has published more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers on various exercise- and sports nutrition-related topics, and authored the seminal textbook, “Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy.” – Lehman College Bio


A training organization founded by Traci and Dave Tate with primary tenets very similar to ours – honesty and integrity. Dave Tate spent over two decades as a successful competitive powerlifter, training and training with some of the biggest names in the industry, and while he himself is a powerlifting specialist, the scope of EliteFTS’s training information is much broader. Its reputation and history consistently attracts high quality contributors to its massive archives of training articles.

It’s extremely seductive to think that special pills, powders, and drinks are going to be the key to your health and fitness goals, and that’s exactly why dietary supplements are a hundred billion dollar industry. But it’s also a mostly unregulated industry with minimal oversight, and that’s where Examine comes in. A research aggregator comprised of independent scientists who analyze and review the full body of research on dietary supplements to help separate the effective from the snake oil.

Juggernaut Training Systems

From the JTS website:

Juggernaut defines an expert as someone who has done it themselves with success, coached others to success and studied the principles which make someone successful in a given field, we strive to ensure our staff has fulfilled at least two of these three valuable criteria. Juggernaut’s expertise in unmatched in the realms of Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Powerbuilding, SuperTotal and Sport Performance training. Our team of Powerlifters and Coaches have won numerous National and World Titles, hold American and World Records in multiple divisions and age categories, have coached athletes in all of the most competitive meets in the World and have taught seminars around the globe.

Renaissance Periodization

Sporting an impressive number of PhDs, registered dieticians, researchers, and successful athletes on its team, Renaissance Periodization is among the gold standard of organizations providing science based training information. Most well known by its primary public face and co-founder, Dr. Mike Israetel, few sources offer as detailed and nuanced a discussion of the state of fitness and training evidence.

Stronger By Science

Started by Greg Nuckols (M.A. in exercise and sports science, and powerlifting world record setter), Stronger By Science may be best known for its definitive Bench, Squat, and Deadlift guides written by the same, but it carries a broad range of training and nutritional articles with unrivaled detail and reading times.