Learning and Improving Lifts

This page is a hub for resources you can use to learn how to perform or improve your performance in the most common lifts you’ll find in strength training.


r/Fitness Learnin’ Megathread Series

In this series of threads, r/Fitness users share their favorite resources, such as articles or videos, that helped them learn a lift.

Stronger By Science “How To” Series

Greg Nuckols’ extensive (~100+ pages each) guides to the “Big Three” lifts. An invaluable resource for anyone who wants to take their technique in these lifts to the next level. We cannot recommend these guides highly enough.

Juggernaut Training Systems “Pillars of Technique” Series

A highly regarded video series on the “Big Three” by the highly regarded JTS team. Five parts for each lift.


r/Weightroom’s Weakpoint Wednesday Archive

This weekly thread series on r/Weightroom features highly experienced lifters sharing their advice that worked for them.